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Biochemistry and Nutrition Research Center
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Department of Biochemistry began its activities with the help of Dr. Ali Fazel, before the victory of the glorious Islamic Revolution.

In the early years of the Revolution, Biochemistry Department was administered with three other divisions in the Department: Physiology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Biophysics group was directed by Dr. Behravesh.

Later the groups were bisected and continue to operate under the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics.

The Department of Biochemistry in 2010 was separated by two independent groups, the Nutrition group with Dr. Mohsen Nemati (assistant professor) as the director, and the Biochemistry group with Professor Seyyed Mohammad Reza Parizadeh as the director.

It is worth noting that the Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition has admitted MSc students. in Biochemistry it was done in 2004 and Nutrition in 2009.

Biochemistry and Nutrition Research Center has started its activities in 2009, chaired by Professor Seyed Mohammad Reza Parizadeh.